No fixy others messy.

I don't "fix" other peoples mess. Its usually quicker to start from scratch. This mess can be like a recipe for a curry without any details of how much of each ingredient to use. I find the best recipe and get moving.

No guessing. 

If you are guessing about colours, how things should work or anything, I will know. Let me and any team I need, do what we do. (Unlike A LOT of teams, we don't hide, talk in jargon or make out we can flatten earth. We understand high quality products and nail it).

Remember the reason you chose me.

Ask me loads of questions.

You might think its the most stupid question ever, just ask. No judgement.

No Jargon.

Its for people who want to feel smart. Clarity is all that matters.

No meet, just walk or eat.

I don't do pointless meetings, if I work near you or visit, lets walk & talk or eat & talk.