Lets Do Something Your Competition Is Ignoring!


What started as a simple question to my girlfriend has turned into an experiment that has increased engagement and goodwill for the businesses who tried it out too.

And that has resulted in a massive boost in sales.


(Which is a flashy way of saying, “Let people Facebook Message you if they need something.”)

Ive only seen a couple of businesses who are using it. Most of them quietly use it because its easier to use on their mobile and desktops but Facebook Messenger is more special than that.

I am creating a blueprint of how it works and how to create a “message-getting sequence”.

It would be cool to get some more data from other companies that use Facebook Messenger, so I can create a super useful study and explore new ways to use it.

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That’s a link that opens your Facebook Messenger to message me through my page. Its similar to how your customers could let you know they need something.