Facebook Messenger: A Goldmine


In November 2016, Facebook released its newest ad platform which can turn conversations into sales! 

The chart from Business Insider is crazy. At the beginning of 2015, monthly usage of the top four messaging apps surpassed usage of the top four social networks.

The Newsfeed ads work for every type of business and so do Messenger ads (more on this in the next post), especially by tapping into its 1.2 BILLION ACTIVE USERS...

Why This Goldmine Will Make Your Business Even Better

Even my next door neighbours gran who lives in India, uses Facebook Messenger!

Its all about joining the conversation where your ideal customer is having their conversations.

Its not all about direct advertising. Im sure you'll agree its smart to be responsive to your potential and current customers. Its important for the short and long term. 

Ive experienced this myself when my dad wanted me to get information about a hotel in Stockholm. He had already liked the page and gave me his iPad. I saw their Facebook page had a Messenger Button set up so I asked them questions using Messenger. He called me later telling me all about the hotel, the city and all the cool things nearby. He did that dad thing where he was really proud of himself that it was done using new tech like Messenger. What I didn't expect was that he'd been sent a special link to book, then added on breakfast, booked taxis and got a list of good bars and restaurants too.

I was aware of Facebook Messenger Ads but didn't realise until that experience how valuable this tool can be. That same hotel could offer room bookings through messenger if they set up payments with Stripe or Paypal. The full process is possible in Messenger.

The important part is this. If used properly in your business, increased sales and add-ons can happen FAST.

Every step of the process, from taxis to adding on services and booking a room could be done through Facebook Messenger. If the hotel weren’t using it or weren't as quick & helpful to respond on Messenger as they were, we could’ve ended up booking somewhere else.

Messenger is a tool all sorts of businesses need to use!

Facebook reported that more than one in two people say they’re more likely to shop with a business they can message.

67% of people expect to message businesses more in the next two years.

It’s how people are communicating now. A lot of people prefer to send a quick message with quick replies.

Its an awesome opportunity to adapt before everyone else. If you don't, you could lose business to your competition.


Scott Purdie


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